About Our Organization

Americans United Against Destructive Driving (AUADD) battles the scourages of destructive driving in three ways. Teen prevention education, Legislative action, and Victim services. Together, they create a powerful and proven formula. Together with our supporters we will continue to save lives using these three tools. 

We have created a video that explains in a general and professional way who we are and what we do. Please click on the video to the right.

We also have 48 seperate state pages, that have targeted information specifically for that state. Please go back to our home page to access the map after you watch our information video.

Once you view our about us video, please click on any page to view our first Public Service Announcement (PSA). The subject is our car donation program. A teen receives his first car, and is moved to donate it to his neighbor, due to her vehicle being totalled (first seen) in a destructive driving crime. We don't call the "accidents".  When someone decides to get behind the wheel and drive destructively, that is not an accident...that is a CRIME!



If you were involved as a victim in a destructive driving crash, and have lost the ability to use your vehicle due to that crime, please call us to see if we can help. If you are in an area that we have a "vicitm transportation van", or an area in which we have a running vehicle that we can donate to you directly from a donor. If all else fails, we should have the ability to supply you with a free LYFT ride. Due to our partnership with LYFT, we have the ability to reach people in now 44 states, and over 422 cities. Of course the rides are free. Call us at 844-334-9300, to see how we can help. 7 days a week.

Our Team

Being a 100% volunteer organization since our inception in 2003 (TADD), our volunteers are the most valuable asset we have. Without these kind and generous people, we would not be able to do the critical work that we do, 7 days a week.

Sarah Gitersonke
Vice President of Communications
D.M. Lowenstein
Legal and Legislative Liason
Shawna Baldini
Safe Driving Director
Very Valuable Volunteers
Always adding and updating the list
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