What is LYFT

We are delighted to announce a partnership with LYFT. We believe ride sharing is an important and innovative tool that increases the safety of our roads and decreases instances of destructive driving. The growth of ride sharing services in a city significantly reduces fatal alcohol-related auto crashes. (Driving Safety: An Empirical Analysis of Ride sharing's Impact on Drunk Driving and Alcohol Related Crime, Frank Martin-Buck, 2016) The rapid rise of app-based ride sharing in Virginia is one factor in a 22% decline in drunk driving deaths even as total traffic fatalities increased 7%. (Virginia DMV, 2015)

Our partnership with LYFT, will allow us to expand our victim program, to reach victims throughout the U.S., allowing us to transport victims of destructive driving crimes, to critical Doctor's appointments, grocery store trips, school and virtually any other place a victim would otherwise not be able to reach, due to their vehicle being damaged, due to being a victim of a destructive driving crash, until which time their case is adjudicated.

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