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Due to our partnership with the ride sharing service we are now reaching and serving victims in 43 states and over 400 cities.

Motor vehicle crashes can affect your life physically, emotionally, and financially. When it does, an experienced car accident lawyer in Tampa can guide you through the claim-filing process to help you secure just compensation. At Florin|Roebig, we employ experienced car accident lawyers who serve clients across Florida and in the Tampa Bay Area. To learn about these services, please click here for a resource



In 2003, Teens Against Drunk Driving was formed. T.A.D.D. quickly became a force in teen pre

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Victim Services​


If you were in a crash, and lost the use of your vehicle, PLEASE call us today, to find ou

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Legislative Action​

AUADD collaborates at the national and state levels, through strategic advocacy act

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Educating teens, serving victims needs, and effecting legislation that makes our streets safer, takes a huge amount of investment. Please consider donating today. Update. We now accept many types of items. See our video on the "what can be donated" tab.


What we can do now



Anything donated to our charity, is 100% tax deductible at full current value. See the list of what we accept as donations at the top of our home page. Simply click on the tab "what can be donated" for a list.  We are a IRS recognized, 501c3 charitable organization Our IRS number for reference is 47-2408371. If you prefer to send a much needed check, here is the address.: 1333 Burr Ridge Parkway, suite 257, Burr Ridge, Illinois, 60527. 844-334-9300 Once we receive the check, we will mail or email, your choice, a receipt for a charitable contribution for your taxes. Need it quicker? We can fax it. Want to help immediately with a cash donations? Go to our home page. On every page of this site, there is a donation button. It's quick and easy to use a credit card or debit card. You will receive a charitable receipt immediately after your donation via email. Thank you in advance.


Do you have a running vehicle that is no longer needed? I.E. Grandparent can't drive any longer. College grad earned a new car. You deserve a new car. Please donate it to us, and we will facilitate it to a current or future victim-directly. Or we will liquidate it to benefit our critical programs. See our testimonial videos for other donor experiences. 


If a vehicle is not available, please go to the top of any page, and click the "what can be donated" tab. There you will understand what else of value that you may have, as opposed to a vehicle that is explained in our video. You may be surprised at the types of things we can accept as non cash donations, that can help us tremendously. Go to the tab now, and view our video. 


The best jingle in the charitable world?

Guaranteed to get your foot tapping. Will it get you involved? 



Do you have a skill or a business that can help us grow our organization? Do you have a few extra hours per week that you can spare? Please contact us today via our contact page.



AUADD collaborates at the national and state levels, through strategic advocacy actions to ensure government policy supports legislation that would ensure safe roads. Advocacy actions may include public letters of support, statements, op-eds, making phone calls, in-person testimony, or in person meetings with legislators and influencers.


On our home page, there is a map of the United States. Click on the state that you are interested in, and scroll to the legislative portion of the page. There you will see updated legislation, that pertains only to your state. There are bills that we support, and bills that we do not support. All are very important to your state.

Please help us educate teens in every state against the dangers of destructive driving. When we get to these young minds early, we have saved many thousands of lives using early education. We now can accept many items of value, including vehicles, art, real estate, both residential and commercial. Most anything of value. Please click on the tab above for a video of what can be donated. The tab is titled "what can be donated". Of course we still accept cash via credit card and debit card. Any Donate button on our site will allow you to donate all items. Including cash of course. We desperately need your donation. Thank you in advance for your donations. 


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