Americans United Against Destructive Driving

We Are a National Organization That Focuses On Teen Education, Serving Victim Needs, and Changing Legislation, With An End Goal To Make Our Streets Safer. This Is All Possible Due To Your Donations.

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In late 2020 early 2021, it was decided that the Turn On To Safe Driving driver’s educational tool, that saved thousands of lives by reaching tens of thousands of teens for nearly 18 years, will be transformed into an app version of the life saving program. The new name for the app is, Turn On Safe Driving (TOSD).

What is Destructive Driving?

Destructive Driving is any action that one takes behind the wheel that puts others who are sharing the highways and by-ways of this great country in danger. For instance, drunk driving, drugged driving, distracted driving, texting and driving, driving drowsy, speeding, dis-obeying stop lights, or school zone speed limits. A driver does not necessarily have to be under the influence of a substance to drive destructively. Many acts behind a wheel can be destructive. The amount and variety of destructive driving epidodes takes place around you on a daily basis. Please report these to local law enforcement when you see them. You are societies eyes and ears. Stay involved.


We are delighted to announce a partnership with LYFT. We believe ride sharing is an important and innovative tool that increases the safety of our roads and decreases instances of destructive driving. The growth of ride sharing services in a city significantly reduces fatal alcohol-related auto crashes. (Driving Safety: A new Empirical Analysis of Ride sharing’s Impact on Drunk Driving and Alcohol Related Crime, Frank Martin-Buck, 2019) The rapid rise of app-based ride sharing in Florida is one factor in a 28% decline in drunk driving deaths even as total traffic fatalities increa

What Can You Do Now


Anything donated to our charity, is 100% tax deductible at full current value.  We are a IRS recognized, 501c3 charitable organization. We accept a number of products as donations such as money, vehicles, assets, gift cards, and more!


Do you have a skill or a business that can help us grow our organization? Do you have a few extra hours per week that you can spare? Please contact us today via our contact page.


Advocacy actions may include public letters of support, statements, op-eds, making phone calls, in-person testimony, or in person meetings with legislators and influencers.

What We Do


In 2003, Teens Against Drunk Driving was formed. T.A.D.D. quickly became a force in teen prevention.

Victim Services

If you were in a crash, and lost the use of your vehicle, PLEASE call us today, to find out how we can help you with a free donated vehicle, or free car sharing rides using LYFT.


Our App

Turn On Safe Driving (TOSD), is the evolution of Turn On To Safe Driving. TOTSD was a daily planner and study guide (see pics) in paper form that was part of our then charity, Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD).

The best jingle in the charitable world?


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