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Turn on Safe Driving

TOSD is the electronic version of our physical driver’s education tool created by our original charity, Teens Against Drunk Driving (T.A.D.D.). This app will be an education tool that will educate teens against destructive driving and create a group of safe and quality young adults.

Teens in the age groups of 16-19 are 3 times more likely to get into fatal car crashes

91% of crashes happen due to lack of driving education

Crashes cost Americans $40.4 billion each year

In 2019,11 teenagers died every day as a result of texting and driving

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Key Features to be Built into this App

Driving Curriculum mandated by every state

This app would include a set of comprehensive driving curriculums, mandated and taught for every state, in a module-based platform.


Learn driving in the presence of a guardian who you can appoint on your own from amongst your friends or family.

Interactive Mechanism

Stories, assignments, activities and the scoring mechanism keeps the app interesting and learning driving a fun thing to do.


The best part is, perform well and earn a scholarship! Yes, the final merit score of the program will allow you to compete for a scholarship. We plan on having several scholarships available each new year.


Yearly market size of 42 million teens *perpetual*
Teens spend an average of $2,600 on food and clothing
59% of teens trust brands they grow with
76% of GenZ shoppers say discount is the largest factor in their purchases

Sponsorships / Advertisements

When a sponsorship advertisement is set up to be a nationwide ad, a person downloads our safe driving app in one state, the nationwide ad will appear in their app, regardless of which states they might travel

Companies that partner with non profits like ours, and sponsor ads in support of our safe driving app, receive endless loyalty from the actual teen users, their immediate and extended families such as friends, neighbors, co-workers and alike. Keeping in mind teens will soon be young adults, with their own families, who will continue to be loyal to like minded brands

Partner brands are made up of people who use the highways and byways of this great country. These same people have teen aged children, who will benefit from the sponsorship that support the safe driving educational app. These same people walk and bike throughout our country. By helping us educate teens against the dangers of destructive driving and more, partner brands are helping keep safe the very employees of their brand. Indeed our fellow Americans. No one is immune to destructive driving crimes.


Increase sales of products or services

Increase employee engagement, morale and retention

Increase customer and brand loyalty

Draw media attention and coverage for free

Provide a motivating purpose for their company and employees

Increase shareholder return

Increase employee skill development, team building, leadership

Attract new business partners and relationships

Generate recognition for the good they create in society

Receive a tax donation for contributions


Increase funding.

Expand donor base

Connect to new business partner

Attract in-kind donations

Provide professional development for employees

Board, pro bono services

Increase brand recognition

Increase media coverage Connect leaders with community thought leaders

Develop earned income opportunity.