How To Help

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What Can Be Donated

Our organization can benefit from many types of donated items. 

As a 100% volunteer organization since 2003 (TADD), we will make the maximum use of your donated items.  We often service victims of destructive crimes directly and immediately. For instance, if you donate a running vehicle, we will generally have a long list of vcitims and their families, that are in desperate need of a running vehicle, to replace a vehicle that was lost in a destructive driving crime. For example, a driver who was driving in a destructive manner, hits another driver, creating a situation for the driver who was hit, which leaves their vehicle inoperable. The family who lost their vehicle, generally is a lower income family, that has only one vehicle to get everyone to work, church, doctor visits, school etc.  We take the vehicle that you have donated to us, and literally give that vehicle to the victim and their family. This allows the families to resume a close to normal life, by getting to work and other critical places in their lives. We also pay for the transfer of the title etc. This will typically occur until their case is adjudicated. 

If the vehicle that you donate is not running, or we do not have a family in need of a replacement vehicle, or we can accomodate them with a LYFT free ride voucher,  we will attempt to sell that vehicle. The proceeds will be used for other aspects of our victim programs. Such as titile transfers, the operation of our victim transport van, as well as other vicitm needs. Yes, sadly, including funeral expenses. We have help many with those unexpected costs as well.

 If you have something of value, and would like to understand if we will accept it, PLEASE call us at 844-334-9300. Press zero to be connected immediately. We will discuss your perhaps unique gift. You can also go to any page and scroll down to a contact form. Or simply click any DONATE button on our site. It will take you to a form. There you can input the information on your gift, as well as your contact info. We will get back to you virtually immediately.  

If you haven’t already, please click on the video above. It will explain what types of things of value we can accept/liquidate. We thank you in advance, and look forward to hearing from you soon!. 

Sponsor to save lives

Details of our Sponsorship program coming soon.

In the meantime, please wtach our video for some background on our charity. 

If details are needed sooner, please call our offices at 844-334-9300. Ask for Shawna. Or drop us a line, at the bottom of any page.  We’ll get back to you the very same day!

Thank you!   


Do you have a skill or a business that can help us grow our organization? Do you have a few extra hours per week that you can spare?