T.A.D.D. ( Teens Against Drunk Driving)


In 2003, Teens Against Drunk Driving was formed. T.A.D.D. quickly became a force in teen prevention. In 2003, T.A.D.D. announced the purchase of a prevention program named, " Turn on to safe driving". The program was purchased from a company in upstate New York. The people who owned it, had good success reaching teens in many states. The daily planner and study guide was quickly a hit at T.A.D.D. T.A.D.D. quickly expanded it's reach to many more states and high schools. The power of the program was the repetitive nature of the content. High school drivers education teachers would use the program at every class. The students would not only refer to the goals and tools of the study guide when in drivers education class, they would use it throughout the school year. It was and continues to be a powerful tool against destructive driving 

When Americans United Against Destructive Driving was formed (2014), and merged with T.A.D.D., the "Turn on to safe driving" program was brought to A.U.A.D.D. also. A.U.A.D.D. partially updated the program. The decision makers at A.U.A.D.D. quickly recognized the power of the program, and decided in 2022 to develop it into an app.  The paper form of the critical program will no longer be offered said Shawna Baldini, Transportation Secretary at A.U.A.D.D. "We believe in the program so much, that we are willing to invest as much as we need to, to develop the app version. We believe we can reach many more teens throughout the U.S.. with the app version". Many prominent politicians, law enforcement officials, school leaders, as well as religious leaders all have sung the programs praises. Look for the announcement in 2023.    P.S., regarding the education of teens against the dangers of destructive driving, we MUST begin early.    

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