T.A.D.D. ( Teens Against Drunk Driving)

Important Note: My name is William M. Piecuch, Jr. I am the proud Founder of T.A.D.D. as well as Americans United Against Destructive Driving (AUADD). In 2014, an article was posted about me and our then non profit TADD. It appeared on a site called "Ripoff report". In the "aritcle", an unnamed person (we know who he/they are) wrote complete lies about me, but offeredf zero evidence to support any of them. No names. No locations. No dates. Nothing. In 2011, I was scammed by a group of people who ran a company called Buyer Topia. As I said in my response to this completely untrue posting, one of the people who ripped us off for six figures (I lent TADD the amount) decided to write this completely fabricated article. They of course didn't have the courage to include their name. They knew if they did, we would sue immediately, I wanted to address this issue head on. No one's hard earned-great reputation should be held for ransom. These peole attempted many times to usurp tens of thousands from us. This after they ripped us off for the six figures I mentioned earlier.  In closing, please search my name and our charities before 2011, as well as after. You will only see this complete coward's post on a rip off site by the same name. They too (The ripoff report) try and hold you hostage by demanding money to look at the allegation. In the meantime, they post completely unsubstaintiated garbage from any and all randsom seekers. They did not get a dime from us after they ripped us off. Despite the threats from the anonymous sources, and the ripoff website. Once you search our reputation since 2003, you will see nothing negative (for 18 years of charitable-all-volunteer work,  except tihs garbage. We are still looking at what action we can take against these three cowards from Philadelhia's Buyer Topia company. Now out of business But still forming other scams to rip others off. Look up the Buyer Topia name. By clicking this link, you will see one of the states that Buyer Topia and their crook owners (a list of names will be in this order) have been ordered not to do business in. They also were prevented from filing a false BK by our organization, as well as more then a dozen other victims of their scams. Here is the link to CT. It will include the crooks names individually. But not all of them.


Thank you for reading this far. Now please read further about our life saving oragnizations, since 2003. 

In 2003, Teens Against Drunk Driving was formed. T.A.D.D. quickly became a force in teen prevention. In 2004, T.A.D.D. announced the purchase of a prevention program named, " Turn on to safe driving". The program was purchased from a company in upstate New York. The people who owned it, had good success reaching teens in many states. The daily planner and study guide was quickly a hit at T.A.D.D. T.A.D.D. quickly expanded it's reach to many more states and high schools. The power of the program was the repetitive nature of the content. High school drivers education teachers would use the program at every class. The students would not only refer to the goals and tools of the study guide when in drivers education class, they would use it throughout the school year. It was and continues to be a powerful tool against destructive driving 

When Americans United Against Destructive Driving was formed (2014), and merged with T.A.D.D., the "Turn on to safe driving" program was brought to A.U.A.D.D. also. A.U.A.D.D. partially updated the program. The decision makers at A.U.A.D.D. quickly recognized the power of the program, and decided in 2020 to develop it into an app.  The paper form of the critical program will no longer be offered said Shawna Baldini, Transportation Secretary at A.U.A.D.D. "We believe in the program so much, that we are willing to invest as much as we need to, to develop the app version. We believe we can reach many more teens throughout the U.S.. with the app version". Many prominent politicians, law enforcement officials, school leaders, as well as religious leaders all have sung the programs praises. Look for the announcement in 2021.    P.S., regarding the education of teens against the dangers of destructive driving, we MUST begin early.    

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