My name is James. My son Steve was tragically taken from me, killed by a drunk driver in Texas. In Steve’s memory, my family and I wanted to do something to help prevent other families from having to endure the same kind of horror. So we decided to support Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD), which works on educating teens at the high school level about the dangers of drinking and driving. We do what we can to spread awareness and keep our children safe from these preventable tragedies, but we need your support too. Help us honor our lost loved one and save another family’s child – please donate whatever you can, so that no other parent should have to feel this kind of loss again.

Teens Against Drunk Driving

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Building a safer future for your teen drivers and saving lives. One donation at a time.

Teen drivers are often seen as an inexperienced, risk-taking bunch, and that is why it is important to stress the dangers of destructive driving in teens. Not only can this lead to personal injury, but also property damage and even criminal charges. Even minor offenses like reckless or aggressive driving can have severe consequences if not addressed quickly. It is essential for parents, guardians, teachers and other responsible adults to make sure teens understand the importance of safe and responsible driving.

United, We Can Save Lives


10 million teens are eligible to earn their license every year
7.8% of all fatal crashes that occur are among drivers ages 15 to 20.
91% of all car crashes happen due to lack of driving education and can therefore be prevented
The crash rate for teens is 4 times as high, compared to other ages