What Can Be Donated

Our organization can benefit from many types of donated items. 

As a 100% volunteer organization since 2003 (TADD), we will make the maximum use of your donated items.  We often service victims of destructive crimes directly and immediately. For instance, if you donate a running vehicle, we will generally have a long list of vcitims and their families, that are in desperate need of a running vehicle, to replace a vehicle that was lost in a destructive driving crime. For example, a driver who was driving in a destructive manner, hits another driver, creating a situation for the driver who was hit, which leaves their vehicle inoperable. We take the vehicle that you have donated to us, and literally give that vehicle to the victim and their family, so they can resume a close to normal life, by getting to work and other critical places in their lives. We also pay for the transfer of the title etc. This will typically occur until their case is adjudicated. 

If the vehicle that you donate is not running, we will attempt to sell that vehicle. The proceeds will be used for other aspects of our victim programs, such as titile transfers, the operation of our vicitm transport van, as well as other vicitm needs. Yes, sadly, including funeral expenses. We have help many with those unecpected costs as well.

Other items that can be donated are as follows, but not limited to this list. If you have something of value, and would like to understand if we will accept it, PLEASE call us at 844-334-9300. Press zero to be connected immediately. We will discuss your perhaps unique gift. You can also go to any page a scroll down. Every page has a contact form.


  • Vehicles (preferably running, but not mandatory)
  • Real estate (both residential or commercial) We will have our attorneys handle all aspects of the process. It will be easy for you to donate. PLEASE contact us, and we will ask all the correct question, as well as having our attorneys take it from there. Painless process.
  • Old or new jewerly. Scrap or not We will send you a post paid envelope. Just PLEASE call us or use our conact form.
  • Gift cards. No amount left on the card is too small. If they are Visa, Master card, Amex or any other major brand, you can go direct to our donate button and donate the full value remaining. If they are a store gift card, please conatct us or mail them direct to our mailing address. 121 Hillgrove, B486, La Grange, Illinois, 60525. Attn C. Wexler.
  • Art- We leave nothing to chance. We will have our experts value the piece(s), and make sure you get the full value in a charitable donation receipt.
  • Sports and theater tickets, from any venue- Unused sports or theater tickets are a shame. We have volunteers that would love to attend an event. We currently have some organizations that donate their unused tickets to us for our volunteers. However, we can also use event tickets to re-sell and use the profits for our programs. Obviosuly the more time we have to sell those tickets, the more likely they will sell, and the more likely we can get a fair price for them. Event tickets can also be used as an incentive for the donations of vehicles or other valuable items. A nice way to say thank you!
  • Of course the list never ends. Call us right now... Now PLEASE. 844-334-9300 Press zero. 7 days a week. Or simply go to the bottom of any of our pages, and fill in the short contact page. We will get right back to you, 7 days a week. We appreciate your donation that much. We need it that much. And of course you can scroll down to make an immediate cash (CC, debit or gift card donation) donation, by simply being as generous as possible, and clicking on the donate icon. It will take you to the form we use, via Bluepay cc services. THANK YOU in advance for any donation type or amount!

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